WEC takes pride in our track record of success in working with the municipalities to deliver innovative, cost-effective Civil and Structural Engineering solutions for the citizens of the communities we serve. These include City of Marathon, DeSoto County, Charlotte County, City of Marco Island, Town of Fort Myers Beach, and the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, Sarasota County, and the City of Sarasota to name a few. WEC works within the budget constraints of our municipal customers and their existing staff expertise to provide the necessary technical engineering services when and where needed, without the overhead that the municipality take on by maintaining a full-service engineering department.
Picture of Gasparilla State Park

Gasparilla Island State Park Boardwalk Replacement

The historic Port Boca Grande Lighthouse within Gasparilla Island State Park is the oldest structure on the island, having provided a beacon for mariners’ safe passage through Boca Grande Pass since 1890. Other beach access boardwalks at this State Park have been rendered inaccessible and closed due to extensive erosion of the beach up to…

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Picture of Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa Restroom Replacement

Weiler Engineering Corporation (WEC) inspected and assessed the existing restroom facility, and due to the poor condition and non-compliance with current building codes, provided the structural design (as well as civil design) for a new elevated restroom at the Cayo Costa State Park Campground. This facility services 300+ visitors a day and is the primary…

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Pier, Dock And Boardwalk Assessments —Desoto County

Desoto County, Florida WEC has recently completed  structural inspections and assessments for DeSoto County facilities following Hurricane Irma. This involved detailed review of the existing conditions of each structure, inspection of pilings, docks, decking, handrails, cross members, and access ramps, and seawalls to assess the extent of damage from the storm, as well as to…

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