The Weiler Engineering Corporation’s (WEC), experience extends into in all types of waterfront development and marina design. WEC designs large and small marinas, waterfront resort communities, surface water/ stormwater management systems and associated utilities, docks, shore stabilization, new seawalls and seawall repair, mooring fields, boat ramps, boat lifts, dry dock storage, beach and dune (design & planting plan) nourishment with an approved sand source. We pride ourselves with quality, creative design as well as the ability to stay within budget and within any client’s standards. WEC works well with all facets of the development of a resort; from environmental concerns, health & safety laws, to managing project and budget reporting.

Picture of Perry Hotel at Stock Island

Perry Hotel at Stock Island

The Perry Hotel  is a 100 unit hotel located within Stock Island Marina Village (Key West, FL) constructed in 2016-2017. From the sharp lines to the rod iron balconies, the industrial design of this hotel sets it apart from many others located within the Keys. The hotel includes a restaurant, pool bar, fitness center, and…

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Pier, Dock And Boardwalk Assessments —Desoto County

Desoto County, Florida WEC has recently completed  structural inspections and assessments for DeSoto County facilities following Hurricane Irma. This involved detailed review of the existing conditions of each structure, inspection of pilings, docks, decking, handrails, cross members, and access ramps, and seawalls to assess the extent of damage from the storm, as well as to…

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