Weiler Engineering Corporation worked with multiple Engineering Consultants as the Engineer responsible for the design and permitting of the drainage and stormwater management system of the Veterans Boulevard project in Port Charlotte Florida.

Weiler Engineering project picture

The Phased project was contracted to two different Prime Consultants. WEC was chosen each time to complete the most complex task for the project, the drainage and stormwater management design and permitting.

WEC’s responsibilities included the design of parallel roadside ponds and swales for treatment, attenuation and conveyance of the stormwater runoff from the new roadway and coordination with the associated regulatory agencies and the County.

The project is unique as it was also necessary resolve a number of drainage issues and problems located away from the new road and right-of-way along adjacent roads, properties and existing collection and conveyance systems.

Weiler Engineering project picture

WEC developed a complex system of pipes and swales to intercept the offsite runoff and manage it through the new retention and treatment areas along the roadway.

The new drainage system also was designed and constructed to help minimize extensive drainage problems created years before by the construction of Interstate-75.