Civil Engineering

WEC expertise spans the complete spectrum of Civil Engineering areas of practice, to include site selection, drainage design and stormwater management, site layout, parking, ADA accessibility, and sanitary sewer and water utilities, as well as environmental engineering to include wastewater treatment facility design, operations, and maintenance. This expertise has been leveraged to efficiently and economically complete Commercial, Residential, and Municipal projects throughout Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys, including numerous hotels and waterfront resorts, community parks, commercial and residential developments, and even city wide utilities and stormwater systems. WEC also offers this expertise to municipal governments through cost effective consulting services to supplement the local governments staff on an as-needed basis. Review Example Projects Here.

Government Projects

WEC takes pride in our track record of success in working with the municipalities to deliver innovative, cost-effective Civil and Structural Engineering solutions for the citizens of the communities we serve. These include City of Marathon, DeSoto County, Charlotte County, City of Marco Island, Town of Fort Myers Beach, and the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, Sarasota County, and the City of Sarasota to name a few. WEC works within the budget constraints of our municipal customers and their existing staff expertise to provide the necessary technical engineering services when and where needed, without the overhead that the municipality take on by maintaining a full-service engineering department. Review Example Projects Here.

Resorts & Marinas

WEC’s experience extends into in all types of waterfront development and marina design. WEC designs large and small marinas, waterfront resort communities, surface water/ stormwater management systems and associated utilities, docks, shore stabilization, new seawalls and seawall repair, mooring fields, boat ramps, boat lifts, dry dock storage, beach and dune (design & planting plan) nourishment with an approved sand source. We pride ourselves with quality, creative design as well as the ability to stay within budget and within any client’s standards. WEC works well with all facets of the development of a resort; from environmental concerns, health & safety laws, to managing project and budget reporting. Review Example Projects Here.

Structural Engineering

WEC has a reputation for excellence in Structural Engineering in Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys. Every hurricane season, our structural work is “real world” tested, and repeatedly has stood up to devastating hurricanes while sustaining relatively minor damage. Our capabilities and experience include structural design and engineering services for leading resort developers in the Florida Keys. WEC provides structural engineering and analysis for residential home builders; including more than 30 local builders in Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, and Monroe Counties. In the Commercial Development sector, WEC provides structural engineering services; including office buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, dry dock storage facilities, marinas, docks, and seawalls. WEC also provides bridge analysis and inspection as well as custom designs like the design of large commercial travel lifts for marinas. Review Example Projects Here.

Park Planning & Engineering

When it comes to Park Planning and Engineering, WEC’s top-notch Civil and Structural Engineering Team is completed with an AICP-certified Planner and Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM). This level of in-house expertise within the same comprehensive planning and design team is virtually unheard of for engineering firms in Southwest and South Florida, and has lead to a number of successful park planning, design, permitting, and construction to include City of Punta Gorda, Charlotte County, DeSoto County, City of Marathon, Village of Islamorada, as well as various State Parks including Cayo Costa, Gasparilla Island, Bahia Honda to name a few. Review Example Projects Here.

Utilities & Wastewater Engineering

A primary element in our business is specializing in wastewater utility engineering services which includes all phases of project management; design, permitting, construction management, administration, and operations and maintenance. Clients include local governments, commercial developments, waterfront resorts and marinas, and residential builders. WEC has been involved in all facets of wastewater management; from the development of large-scale Master Plans, to the complete development of wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment plants. Our vast experience with both vacuum and gravity systems in Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys makes us uniquely qualified to assist with any wastewater project in our demanding, yet sensitive, Florida environment. WEC also provides utility design and permitting services for commercial developments that tie in to existing utility infrastructure, as well as cost-effective stand-alone package plants or custom septic systems for those projects where sewer service is not readily available. Review Example Projects Here.


WEC excels in various environmental engineering applications, with specialization in design, permitting, Construction Engineering Inspections (CEI), and ongoing Operations & Maintenance consulting  services for various environmental engineering areas of practice, to include stormwater management and water quality systems, wastewater treatment facilities, sanitary sewer collection and transmission systems, potable water distribution systems, and re-use water distribution systems. In fact, WEC designed projects completed by our municipal clients have received national and state recognition repeatedly for innovation in environmental stewardship and resource management as required by the Clean Water Act. Review Example Projects Here.


WEC structural and site design has been a hallmark of the Southwest Florida and Florida Keys residential construction since 1993. WEC was one of the first engineering firms in the area to implement the post-Hurricane Andrew 2002 Florida Building Code (FBC) to include wind load modeling and calculation, engineered trusses, and tie down strapping. WEC’s in-house septic system design along with complete structural design allows for expedited design, permitting, and construction timelines that are often make-or-break for residential contractors.  This unique “one-stop shop” model, as well as the competitive advantage it provides in designing custom homes, has made WEC a favorite of many local builders over the past 25 years in business. Review Example Projects Here.

Construction Engineering & Inspection

WEC has successfully provided Construction Engineering Inspection services for thousands of projects since 1993. This includes all aspects of the construction phase, including responding to contractors Requests For Information (RFI’s), submittal and shop drawing review, construction inspections to ensure materials and work meets plans and specifications, pay application review, field expedient engineering solutions, conflict avoidance and documentation, review of contractors Change Order requests, as built review and/or surveys, observation and reporting of contractor’s system testing, final certifications and permit closeout, and placing systems into operation. Review Example Projects Here.

FEMA Flood Studies: Letters of Map Revision (LOMR)

WEC has developed a reputation for getting map revision projects approved through FEMA, thereby reducing insurance rates for our clients. Our experienced staff has the expertise to complete the study in a timely manner and with the confidence that it will be approved by demonstrating to FEMA when the delineation line between VE (Coastal High Hazard Areas) and AE zones (from VE zone to limits of 100-year flood zone) can be moved to the benefit of the Property Owner.  WEC also specializes in conditional letters of map revision where a coastal armoring structure is constructed the buffer the effects of waves generated by the 100-year event. WEC has recently designed and permitted through FEMA a rip rap armoring berm and a sheet pile wall which once constructed, will result in the properties being relocated from a VE zone to an AE zone.

Land Development

WEC’s Engineers provide extensive expertise across a broad range of Land Development to include municipal, commercial, industrial, residential and recreational land development projects. Land development activities in Florida require a thorough knowledge of regional specific geography and environmental factors, as well as local government land development regulations. WEC has intimate knowledge of State of Florida statutes, regulatory agency rules, and Federal laws related to the wetlands, environmental protection, and endangered species.  All these factors must be considered to ensure that our clients’ goals are attained, while at the same time creating communities and industrial facilities that promote responsible growth for the City of Punta Gorda and the State of Florida.


WEC has provided a wide range of engineering, permitting, and monitoring services to the mining industry since 1993.  Excavations for mining typically involve a complex array of disciplines, including geotechnical engineering, transportation infrastructure engineering, material cleaning and processing, water use, water management, environmental quality compliance, natural resources assessment and mitigation, land reclamation, and public relations. WEC is uniquely qualified to provide services to the mining industry, with a proven track record of success in all these disciplines. Services we continue to provide for our clients are: Site selection, Due diligence, Geotechnical evaluation of material reserves, Design and permitting of the excavation, Roadway improvements, Mine reclamation, Post-mining land use, and On-going mine monitoring with regulatory compliance reporting. WEC has successful experience in leading projects through the permitting process with federal, state and local government agencies, as well as throughout the public hearing process.

GIS And Mapping

Customers of WEC benefit from our ability to seamlessly integrate the latest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Internet GIS & Mapping, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies. Using these capabilities, we can coordinate our customers’ site-specific project plans, asset management, and integrate the most current map data that is available from the County, WMD, FDEP, FDOT, USGS, EPA, FEMA, and others.  This process allows us to identify potential engineering design and/or permitting problems in the early stages of a project, so they can be resolved cost-effectively, thus saving time and money for the client. WEC offers a full range of GIS and GPS services including project consulting, geospatial data collection, geo-database design, GIS processing and spatial analysis, application development, and web-based solutions.

Transportation Studies / Design

WEC has provided complete design services for several roadway designs and provides stormwater design for several more.  In addition to design, WEC has completed several Transportation Studies, including recent ones for Orange Blossom RV in DeSoto County and one for the new Walgreen’s entrance located at the intersection of US 41 and Ortiz Boulevard in North Port.  The Orange Blossom Study was reviewed and approved by DeSoto County and the North Port Study was reviewed and approve by FDOT. WEC also specializes in developing traffic impact statements and reviews traffic studies for private developments in Marathon as the City of Marathon’s engineering consultant.