Weiler Engineering Corporation (WEC) utilizes the latest technology innovations in engineering field equipment for data collection and acquisition.

Field Vehicles & Miscellaneous Equipment

Our staff are equipped with vehicles well suited to the harsh Florida terrain and environment.  We currently have five (5) SUV’s and two (2) mid-size cars that are available to our principles, department heads, project managers, and project engineers for travel to client meetings, field visits, and other business related tasks.  We also have thirteen (13) field trucks that are available to our construction inspectors, design, and field staff for site inspections and other field work. We also have access to a power boat and a kayak for projects that require access by water.  For continuity of operations during hurricane season, we also have a portable 20 kVA generator to power the entire office in the event of an extended power outage.

Handheld Computers

Our field crews are equipped with the Trimble GeoXH handheld computers and R2 GPS Receivers, the industry standard for ruggedized handheld computers and GPS receivers for GIS data collection.  The GeoXH runs Windows Mobile, a full operating system for mobile devices, which allows our staff to utilize the Microsoft Office productivity tools in the field, as well as GPS data collection and GIS software. These handheld computers also are equipped with internet connectivity, WiFi, and Bluetooth, allowing for efficient and seamless integration of photos, videos, and/or audio during the field data collection process.  This ancillary data is attached to the GPS features along with other features and automatically associated in the GIS database as the field data is collected, thus creating the basic GIS data layers during field data collection. The system allows our staff to quickly and efficiently build asset inventories for utilities, public works, and environmental projects. We currently have four (4) Trimble GeoXH handheld computers with this configuration.

GPS & GIS Data Collection Equipment

The Trimble GeoXH handheld computers and R2 receivers include a high accuracy mapping-grade GPS receiver, utilizing the Trimble Zephyr dual frequency antenna, and are also equipped with mobile phone modems which dial into the FDOT permanent GPS reference network. This gives us a real time GPS correction capability and allows us to obtain real time sub-foot horizontal accuracy on our utility and asset locations and other GIS data acquisition tasks.  The Trimble GeoXH also allows us to create customized field data collection forms and databases for any project, and provides ESRI compatibility for immediate download and use of the data within Esri’s suite of GIS tools (ArcGIS & AGOL). We also have one (1) Trimble GeoXH equipped with a Trimble Hurricane single frequency antenna. We see an average of 1’ horizontal accuracy on locations with this unit after data post-processing in the office. We use this typically for mapping grade data collection for environmental surveys and investigations, and in remote areas where mobile phone coverage is not available for access to real-time GPS correction data.

Integrated Digital Cameras

We use Nikon P3 WiFi digital cameras as part of the GPS and GIS field data collection process with the above systems.  The Nikon P3 allows us to automatically transfer images or video wirelessly to the GPS units and tie these images to the infrastructure features for integration into GIS project database during field data collection.  The high resolution (8.1 Mp) combined with the optical and digital zoom capabilities of the P3 ensure that sufficient detail is captured in the field for subsequent review and analysis in the office. Each of our Trimble GeoXH handheld computers is equipped with the Nikon P3 WiFi cameras and waterproof enclosure.

Survey Engineering Field Equipment

As part of our engineering field equipment, we also have two (2) Sokkia LP30A laser levels which include the laser head and laser receiver, with Acculine Pro 40-6340 tri-pod.  The rod for elevation measurements is a Laser Line Linker 10 foot Rod with tenth and hundredth accuracy. The laser equipment is used to quickly and efficiently get accurate measurements of existing elevations for design purposes and for as built elevations after construction to compare with the proposed design elevations.  We also have a Topcon ATG6 Transit level, which is used to accurately transfer vertical benchmark data to project sites.

Our field crews are also equipped with the Schonstedt model GA-52C Magnetic Locator for detecting underground iron and steel.  This is used routinely for finding property corner iron rods utility covers for water and sewer valves or services that may have been buried.  It is also used frequently in conjunction with the Trimble GeoXH GPS receiver loaded with as-built GIS data for locating buried utilities and other assets.

In addition, Weiler Engineering has an EXTECH Model 407355 Noise Dosimeter with PC interface for field investigations and surveys related to high noise levels, citizen complaints, regulatory and permit compliance, and safe work environment monitoring.

Structural Inspection, Review, and Assessment Equipment – For accurate measurements of interior dimensions, we have a Hilti PD 30 Laser Range Meter.  This equipment can accurately measure distances up to six hundred feet within one sixteenth of an inch. It is also capable of both area and volume calculations.   We also have a Kolectric Micro Covermeter 8010, which can detect rebar in concrete and determine the size, depth, and composition of the rebar. This instrument has the capability for data logging, making it ideal for data collection throughout a project area when necessary, and then easily transfers the field data for further analysis in the office.

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