Weiler Engineering Corporation was selected as the Consultant to complete the drainage design and permitting for the reconstruction of Carmelita Street in Punta Gorda, FL and all of the streets surrounding Charlotte High School and the Punta Gorda Middle School, incorporating sidewalks and drainage facilities into the proposed reconstruction. This area had experienced chronic flooding in the past.

Weiler Engineering project picture

To remedy the situation, WEC had to evaluate all of the adjacent roads and properties and to incorporate those areas into the design of the Carmelita improvements. Most of the area was at or below the elevation of the existing roadways and it was necessary to devise an innovative plan to manage the stormwater from these properties and minimize existing flood problems. WEC designed the system to re-route all drainage to a pond located at the lowest elevation for the project, and incorporated a base in the roadway design that could withstand a higher ground water. This allowed the elevation of the roadway to remain low so that the low lying adjacent properties would not be adversely affected by the new construction. The project was partially funded by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and required extensive coordination between the District, the City of Punta Gorda, Charlotte County and the School Board.