Brief Company History

Since 1993, excellence in engineering has guided the professional development of The Weiler Engineering Corporation (WEC). Our visionary founder, R. Jeffrey Weiler, built the practice on principles of dedication to the client’s needs. The Company grew to its present size of 35 employees over the past 14 years, with three offices throughout southwest Florida and the Florida Keys.

WEC’s Staff consists of Licensed Professional Engineers, Class A & B Wastewater Treatment Operators, Construction Specialists, Design Staff and Engineering Technicians.

WEC’s Goal for each new challenge is to have a satisfied client with an exceptional final product.


Company Experience

  • Site and Project Planning, Design, and Permitting of a variety of projects ranging from residential and mixed use subdivisions to large shopping and office centers.
  • Structural design and permitting of residential and commercial structures to assure compliance with Standard and South Florida building codes and requirements.
  • Design for a number of marine facilities including docks, boat ramps, shelters and accessory structures.
  • Design, permitting, construction management, administration, and operation of wastewater treatment facilities, sewage treatment, collection and transmission systems.
  • Design and permitting of individual on-site wastewater treatment units including conventional and aerobic systems.
  • Design, permitting, construction management and administration of:
  • Numerous mining operations throughout southwest Florida and the Florida Keys.
  • Numerous waterfront residential, marina and resort developments throughout southwest Florida and the Florida Keys.
  • Numerous stormwater management facilities throughout South Florida and the Florida Keys.
  • Surveying, Platting and Mapping for subdivisions, highway and engineering projects.
  • Road, Highway and Drainage Design for municipal and private projects.
  • Value engineering and cost estimating for private and public works projects.
  • Dredge and Fill Design and Permitting.
  • Cost Estimating of various civil and public works projects.